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Posted by technews on May 18, 2011 | 7:32 PM

When it comes to mobile phone whether it’s a smart phone or normal handset we look for customizing it and make it the way we want. Well most of the phone providers have their own app store or service nowadays where you can install apps, download music, videos, wallpapers, themes and many more. But when it comes to searching for something particular it becomes tough for us with default app store or service.

Recently I had a situation when I wanted to install Skype on my smartphone and as anybody does I checked the app store and I find one but was unsuccessful installing it since it was blocked /not available for my country. Well this is awkward situation and that’s when Mobile9 solved my problem. I could install Skype. Well this is just a situation I have mentioned; you also might have faced many such. With Mobile9 you can install apps, download wallpapers, themes, music, videos and many more. The best feature about Mobile9 service is that it’s not any brand or device specific so you need not worry about having an Apple Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia or whatever. Once you have registered with Mobile9 you can search your phone and then download/install whatever you require.

Another great feature of Mobile9 is that it has got a mobile supported site, which means that you can access Mobile9 directly from your mobile browser and then search for your needed app, music, theme, wallpapers etc.

You can register or learn more about this very useful service here: Mobile9 Homepage.

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